VBORNET – European Network for Arthropod Vector Surveillance for Human Public Health

The objective of VBORNET is to establish a European Network of entomological and public health specialists in order to assist ECDC in its preparedness activities on vector borne diseases (VBD). This will be achieved in three steps:

  1. Establishment of the VBORNET consortium who will develop the VBORNET network and the VBORNET inventory.
  2. Establishment of a VBORNET network of contributing members who are representative of the wide range of vector-borne disease related research and public health (PH) activities currently ongoing in Europe. One of its main tasks in year one will be to set the basis for Pan-European administrative unit distribution maps of the major arthropod vectors of diseases. Subscription is on a voluntary basis;
  3. Establishment of a VBORNET inventory which aims at making an exhaustive catalog of VBD and related public health (PH) activities (and expertise) in Europe.

Given the diversity of topics related to VBD in Europe the VBORNET network cannot be seen as a static group, but will be in permanent evolution, with VBORNET network members activated from the VBORNET inventory at any stage according to priorities and technical needs.

What is the value for you to become a VBORNET network member?
As an active network member contributing information to VBORNET you will have access to the VBORNET raw VBD data and resources, have the possibility to contribute to VBD/PH priority setting in Europe as a member of expert panels (e.g. annual VBORNET meeting) and be listed as an official VBORNET network member.

How will the VBD community as a whole benefit from VBORNET?
VBORNET aims to make available through internet regularly updated vector distribution maps of the major arthropod vectors of diseases in Europe, inventory of VBD and related PH expertise, publications, surveillance and control activities, and a monthly newsletter with news items and events. The VBORNET webpage and platform will be very soon available.

What is VBORNET expecting from you as a network member?
The VBORNET network is looking for VBD experts who are interested in data sharing and networking. At this early stage VBORNET will focus on acquiring baseline data on confirmed vector presence at various administrative scales (NUTS 1-2-3) and quality control of the various VBORNET database inputs. VBORNET network members can be representatives of other existing VBD networks.

How can you become a member of the VBORNET network?
Contact the VBORNET with a short e-mail confirming your interest in joining the network and how you can contribute to strengthen the network at: vbornet@ecdc.europa.eu.

Looking forward to a successful collaboration!

The VBORNET consortium.

Participants to the VBORNET kick-off meeting at ECDC in Stockholm: (1) Francis Schaffner, (2) Annick Lenglet, (3) Lara Payne, (4) Renaud Lancelot, (5) Hervé Zeller, (6) William Wint, (7) Wim Van Bortel, (8) Didier Fontenille, (9) Pierre-Edouard Fournier, (10) Joke Van Der Giesen, (11) Jolyon Medlock, (12) Céline Gossner, (13) Katrin Leitmeyer, (14) Bulent Alten, (15) Guy Hendrickx, (16) Paolo Calistri, (17) Zdenek Hubalek, (18) Gert Olsson, (19) Evelyn Depoortere